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Professional Teeth Whitening in Canton, CT

If you want your teeth to look their brightest and whitest, the team at Lifetime Family Dentistry offers professional-strength teeth whitening near Canton, CT, with several options to suit your needs and your budget. From in-office power teeth whitening in a single visit to custom take-home teeth whitening solutions, we’ll help you determine the technique that’s right for you.

Contact us today and say goodbye to unsightly stains and hello to a brighter, whiter, more confident smile!

Man examining his teeth in the mirror, checking the results of teeth whitening treatment.

Benefits of our Teeth Whitening Near Canton

Lifetime Family Dentistry is Canton’s best cosmetic dentist using the KöR™ whitening system, which has been proven to remove even the most severe staining. If you’ve tried other teeth-whitening systems in the past and have not been happy with the results, KöR™ may hold the key to your brand-new smile.

Here's what sets KöR™ apart:

Lasting Results

Enjoy the confidence of a long-lasting white smile with minimal maintenance.

Sensitivity-Free Whitening

Experience minimal to no discomfort during treatment.

Advanced Stain-Busting Power

Unlike other systems, KöR™ is effective even on tetracycline stains.

The Ability to Continue to Enjoy Your Favorite Beverages

With basic periodic at-home maintenance, you can even continue to enjoy coffee and red wine while your teeth stay white.

Whitening Action While You Sleep

You’ll wear comfortable, custom-fitted trays at night for effortless whitening.

Safe and Trusted

Backed by years of research and millions of happy patients, KöR™ is 100% safe.

Perfect For All Smiles

KöR is effective for anyone aged 14 and above.

KöR Whitening kit with a bag, whitening trays, gel syringes, and instructions
Portrait of a woman with a beautiful smile showing before and after teeth whitening treatment.

Quickest Way for Results

Our professional teeth whitening services offer the quickest way to a brilliantly white smile. 

During your consultation, Dr. Bielawski will discuss your goals and tailor your whitening plan based on them. With basic at-home treatment, you can continue to enjoy the foods and drinks without worrying about your teeth getting stained,

Meet our Doctor,
Dr. Elena Bielawski

Dr. Elena Bielawski, DDS, FICOI, FMIII, is Canton’s go-to dentist, dedicated to creating beautiful, healthy smiles for patients of all ages. With a focus on patient comfort and personalized care, she believes everyone deserves to feel confident about their smile.

Dr. Bielawski stays current on the latest advancements in dentistry, including advanced teeth whitening techniques. She’s proud to offer the powerful KöR™ system, which is proven to remove stubborn stains for long-lasting results.

At Lifetime Family Dentistry, Dr. Bielawski and her friendly team are committed to providing a positive dental experience. Together, they’ll help you achieve the dazzling smile you’ve always dreamed of.


Experience the Difference
Lifetime Family Dentistry Can Make

There’s no better way to whiten your teeth than with Lifetime Family Dentistry. Our KöR™ whitening system is the quickest and most effective solution to removing stains.

You deserve to have confidence in your smile. And that confidence is right around the corner. Contact us today and experience the difference our teeth whitening near Canton, CT, can make.

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Teeth Whitening FAQs

While other teeth whitening methods tend to fade in time, the KöR™ system delivers lasting results through periodic home maintenance.

The safety and efficacy of teeth whitening products have been studied in clinical settings for over thirty years. They deliver brighter, whiter smiles to millions of patients worldwide without any adverse effects on the teeth and gums. Like other teeth whitening products, the KöR™ whitening system is entirely safe.

While many teeth whitening techniques and systems have been known to cause pain and discomfort, the KöR™ whitening system is believed to be one of the gentlest available. It uses a specially formulated whitening gel that usually results in little to no sensitivity.

Teeth can be safely whitened regardless of the age of the patient. However, the ideal age for whitening is 14, when the permanent teeth have fully erupted. When you begin a whitening treatment, the younger your teeth are, the better the results will be.

How white your teeth get will ultimately depend on the type of teeth-whitening treatment you use. While results can vary from person to person, Lifetime Family Dentistry uses the KöR™ whitening system, which can lighten teeth by as much as 16 shades or more. It can even whiten teeth stained by tetracycline, a popular antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections and known to cause teeth stains.

Teeth whitening treatments will not whiten crowns, veneers, or fillings. If you have any of these on your front visible teeth, they may need to be replaced once your teeth have been whitened.

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