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Beautiful Smiles Can Be Affordable for Every Budget

If you have dental insurance, we’ll file a claim with your insurance company so you can receive all your entitled benefits. We also offer options for in-house financing with convenient monthly payments. Application can be made right here in our office. We also accept most credit cards, cash, and personal checks. We understand that for many of you, it may be challenging to find money in the budget for needed dental care. If you have dental insurance, we will determine your coverage and explain your benefits to you. We will also offer advice for which treatment needs to be done soon and what you can postpone so you won’t exceed your dental insurance allowance. We will then file your claim and handle all paperwork. We can also discuss several treatment options and help you select the one that best fits your budget.

If you have no dental insurance, ask us about our in-house financing plan.

If you need our assistance in completing these, just give us a call so we can help.
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