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To See or Not to See – Why Microscope-Enhanced Dentistry Is at the Core of Our Practice

Dental Microscope Collinsville CTFrom the very beginning, Dr. Bielawski's practice has focused on three key philosophies: prevention, early diagnosis, and minimally invasive intervention whenever possible. To achieve her goals, she has always relied upon the best technology available, whether delivering all-porcelain restorations to patients, using a laser in diagnosing tooth decay early, or removing soft tissue lesions. But she says the most important tool in her technological arsenal, by far, is the dental operating microscope. Less than 1% of all dentists are currently utilizing surgical microscopes in their offices.

"I consider it to be the most valuable piece of technology. This equipment has truly transformed the way I practice dentistry in ways I never imagined. The microscope gives me increased precision and a higher level of confidence.

  • A tiny spot of decay is caught early before it becomes a full-fledged cavity.
  • All decay is removed during treatment.
  • I am able to see a tiny crevice before it becomes a full crack.
  • Microscopic precision means beautiful cosmetic results.

All of these enable me to provide a much higher standard of care. When I use a laser, the microscope is very helpful in better observing laser-tissue interactions. Most importantly, however, the microscope enables me to better diagnose problems early, while they are small, and effectively communicate these problems to patients. Small problems are often much easier, far less invasive to treat, and less costly to the patient then their larger counterparts."

Dr. Bielawski has far greater magnification than dentists who only use dental loupes (magnification glasses) or who don't use any magnification at all. These loupes provide limited levels of magnification compared to microscope-enhanced dentistry, which uses a surgical microscope similar to those used by medical specialists or surgeons. This significantly enhanced magnification level translates into higher quality care for our patients. We can see teeth and gums at different levels of magnification from 2 to 18 times normal size by just turning the knob. Without the microscope, it's easy to miss small problems. These can then turn into far bigger problems that require extensive, costly treatment. Small problems are often much easier to address, require less invasive care, and are far less costly to the patient. More healthy tooth structure can be preserved, and tooth strength is significantly increased. Even better? Patients benefit from less postoperative discomfort, faster healing, and better results.

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