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Having a beautiful smile affects how you feel about yourself. If you have an attractive smile, you feel good about your appearance. We offer the latest treatment in both preventative and aesthetic dentistry. Treatment is less time-consuming and has options to suit every budget – so what are you waiting for? Come in and let us tell you about the many ways we can make your smile the best – crowns, bonding, and whitening are a few of the options to make your smile a gorgeous one!

Crowns Repair a Damaged Tooth

If a tooth is broken, chipped, or worn down, a filling will not restore it. A crown can be made to precision to fit over the remaining tooth structure and give you full chewing capabilities again. Our porcelain crowns are made from e.max™ high-quality materials. They resemble a natural tooth and will blend in with your other teeth. For a missing tooth, a bridge made of the same type of material is often the best option. We custom-make your bridge.

Modern Fillings Create a Pleasing Smile

Although some practices still use silver-mercury amalgam fillings, we do not. They were the standard for a number of years, but provide only a reasonable restoration. As metal does not bond well to tooth structure, eventually the fillings can loosen and allow decay to set in. The main objection patients have about amalgam fillings is the appearance of a dark patch in a light-colored tooth. This can be very noticeable and detract from a pleasing smile.

We offer the latest filling materials that do not have any metal. They bond very well to a tooth to diminish the chances of loosening and the onset of decay. They are made to match the shade of the tooth and provide additional strength to the natural tooth structure.

Professional Whitening Makes the DifferenceProfessional Teeth Whitening Collinsville CT

We offer the same power whitening method that you may have observed in magazine ads and TV commercials. If you have been impressed with what you've seen, you will be even more amazed when you see your own dazzlingly white smile. Restore your smile to brilliance! In just one short visit, you can have beautiful white teeth that will make you want to smile more often.

We can also make custom whitening trays for a procedure you complete at home. We provide the trays, supplies, and instructions and when you use it nightly, you will begin to see the treatment change the shade of your teeth. You can expect the desired results within 1- 14 days. It is an easy and safe process that works!

Will Remove Even the Toughest Stains

KOR Teeth WhiteningDr. Bielawski provides the most advanced tools and techniques and is very pleased to offer patients KöR™ Whitening. This system will remove severe staining, even the discoloration from the antibiotic tetracyline. She is among the few dentists in our area that provide this whitening method for patients.

If you have been disappointed with other whitening treatments, you won't be with KöR. Instead, you will be amazed at the brightness of your smile with this very effective treatment.

Other Teeth Whitening Systems Have These Drawbacks:KoR Teeth Whitening - Before & After

  • Results are not lasting.
  • Teeth become sensitive.
  • Results vary and often fall short of patient expectations.
  • Consumption of coffee and wine need to be limited.

KöR Solves These Problems:

  • With basic periodic at-home maintenance, you can continue to enjoy coffee and red wine, as your teeth will stay white FOREVER.
  • Use of KöR typically has very little to no tooth sensitivity.
  • KöR is the ONLY system recognized to significantly whiten even tetracycline-stained teeth.
  • KöR's thin, form-fitting trays are worn at night while you sleep, so there is little effort involved to whiten your teeth.
  • KöR is 100% proven safe with years of research, and millions of patients are pleased with the results.
  • KöR can effectively whiten teeth for anyone from ages 14 – 90.

Professional Dental Whitening Collinsville CT

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